1. As future leaders of organizations, you will be challenged to meet the expectations of a varied audience of customers, both internal and external.

Therefore, you will need to be knowledgeable on the various views of quality that people have.


1.Views of quality





  1. How do these various definitions impact your own organization, or how could they impact your organization if considered?



  1. There are several people who are responsible for the evolution of quality concepts over time. Please note at least four of these people and provide a quick summary of their particular view on quality and what most impresses you about their views?




  1. Why should all business and healthcare professionals study about quality, its terminology, evolution, and impact?



  1. What information in the course do you believe is most helpful to you in your present position and why?



  1. Taguchi notes that quality issues cause a loss to society. Please share, in your view, how society loses when there are quality problems in services and products.


  1. As a leader in your own organization, you are now responsible for implementing quality concepts. How would you get started? What areas or factors would you be investigating and analyzing?



  1. There were many tools noted throughout the texts. Please note some tools you could use in implementing and managing quality policies.



  1. How does your area at your organization bring quality into the organization, or how could they bring even more quality into the organization?


  1. What is the role of controls, audits, accreditation, or certifications in a quality system?



  1. What attributes and common traits did you notice in our discussions and cases on successful organizations and those offering high levels of customer service?



  1. Is managing change in any organization critical and why? What steps would you take as a change leader to begin the process of change?


  1. What is the voice of the customer and its importance?



  1. What is customer relationship management?



  1. What are some of the questions/considerations that should be asked or considered during the design phase of a product or service?




  1. What are the factors in providing a service that make it so challenging?



  1. How are lean, six sigma, or more and more lean six sigma used in organizations and their focus?



  1. What are the three documents noted in the HCQB that began the re-engineering of healthcare?



  1. There are many organizations both governmental and private that impact quality in organizations as well as in healthcare. What is their role and please name at least five?


  1. How do we get to the root cause of non-conformance? We discussed several tools and methods.  Why is getting to the root cause critical?



  1. Please some of the traits that you personally feel stand out when we speak of leadership.



  1. Please name two of the award programs and their impact on quality?



  1. What are some of the factors you would consider in regard to employees when moving the organization through change?



  1. What is benchmarking and how could you use that to improve your organization/department?



  1. What did you see was common among organizations that are considered quality organizations?



  1. What is supply chain management? Why is it such an important business concept today?  How could supply chain management support quality?




  1. Please note the impact of technology on quality. Please list at least 3 sources of technology and its impact on healthcare and/or manufacturing/or service delivery.


  1. What is a service and why is it difficult to deliver a quality service process?