The other day, I have submitted my project report; I was assigned to write another one on a different subject. I was so, exhausted that I almost cry by imagining the difficulties I have previously faced. I decide to put my efforts on researching few tips that can help me write my project report.
The tips which I have used recently are:
• Identify what is being expected from you, clearing the objectives is the primary purpose which helps the readers to understand better
• Your report should be structured properly, so, it’s ideal to know about it before you indulge in writing one.
• Your project report should reflect the criteria of success to you. This will give a perspective of perfection in your view point
• A common problem related to writing a project report is “when to stop?” A simple answer to this is to check the goals are clearly stated
• To examine and ensure that you have done a great job, check the criteria and specifics are met accordingly

•  The other significant element is to maintain the quality throughout the report writing task, to ensure it keep a record of your daily progress.
• Time is another specified cause that helps in building a timely report. Monitor your time and speed up gradually to a state where you can maintain the quality and speed
• The cost, or expenditure should also be measured and tracked to have an idea
• Depending on the subject, plan your work and follow the schedule to accomplish work on time.
• Ask for some help from your peer or family. Listen to the criticism carefully and welcome the comments
• Lastly, understand the subject to make your efforts worthy. The core of writing a project report is to understand what is being asked and what  is expected from you.