Everyone wants to stay motivated, and that’s why there are countless productivity apps and tools out there. With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? This guide will show you 15 of the best all round tools to get motivated and stay productive.


1. Evernote: If you have trouble keeping track of everything, try this app. You can take your notes with you wherever you go, and add to them whenever you need to remember something, or jot down an idea for later.

2. Google Calendar: This is one of the simplest and easiest online calendars to use. Just put in your schedule, and you’ll receive notifications when an event is about to happen. If you’re an Android user, you’ll get notifications on your phone, too.

3. Boom Essays: Getting copy written is a time consuming task. And it is extremely difficult to stay motivated and productive while fulfilling writing tasks. Outsource it to the professional writers from the following website and they’ll do it for you, freeing you up to tackle the rest of your to do list.

4. 750 Words: Writing every day is a great way to get the wheels turning in your brain. Stick to the habit of writing here every day, and you’ll find you’ll be ready to work much more quickly than usual.

5. Hootsuite: Running social media campaigns can be time consuming, but not with this tool. Use it to manage all your social media accounts, and you can post everywhere with just the click of a button.

6. Essayroo: You may not realize how effective writing exercises are at boosting your productivity flow. Write to-do lists, start a diary, write jokes and letters to feel yourself creative and motivated. In case you are new to writing, you will need a piece of advice. Send your writing to EssayRoo professional writers and they’ll send back a highly polished piece, ready for publication straight away.

7. Rescue Time: Do you often wonder where the time went? This tool will tell you. Run it in the background, and it will tell how long it’s taken to complete certain tasks. You can also use it to time yourself, or block certain distracting websites while you’re working.

8. Hemingway Editor: This tool is great when you’re looking to proofread effectively. Paste in your writing and you’ll get a highlighted copy back with the errors you’ve made. It even colour codes the highlights depending on what kind of error has been made.

9. Last Pass: How much time have you lost trying to log in to accounts and having to reset passwords? This service will save all of your passwords securely, meaning you’ll never have to remember a password again.

10. Momentum: This app is based on the idea that you’re more likely to keep a habit up if you don’t break the chain. Use it to track how many days you work on developing a new habit, whether it’s a personal or professional goal.

11. Moodnotes: Find you struggle in the mornings, or that in the evenings you don’t have the energy to get things done? This app helps you keep track of your moods. That way, you can pin point what affects your mood, and can work on removing them to increase your productivity.

12. Focus List: No one can concentrate for huge chunks of time. This app helps you work by using the Pomodoro technique. Essentially, you set a timer and work solidly for 25 minutes. Then, you have a 5 minute rest, before repeating the cycle.

13. Powersheets:If you like a paper based system, Powersheets will work for you. They’re a funky set of hole punched sheets for your ring binder, that help you develop and stick to your goals.

14. My Morning Routine: Ever wondered what successful people do in the morning? This website interviews famous people and success stories, and quizzes them about their morning routine. Get some inspiration and ape the people who get stuff done.

15: IFTTT: Short for ‘If This, Then That’, this service promises to automate your life. Set up ‘recipes’ that will activate if a specified trigger happens, i.e. getting an email. You’ll find it makes life much easier.

Now you have these tools under your belt, you’ll find you’re getting much more done in the same amount of time. Try them all out, and maybe you’ll find some other tools that will really help you too.