Need an inexpensive way to flame the fires of romance? Want to make some relationship magic happen?  Let’s do it on the cheap.  If things are fine in your relationship, this 30 day plan will strengthen it.  But, If the embers of your current romance are burning a little low; up your game with this simple, inexpensive, romantic plan of action.  This plan will help you show your love for your partner in a small but romantic way each day for a whole month.

Just a couple of points before we get into the list.  Take you partner out on a date at least once a week.  Spend time enjoying each other’s company.  Share what’s going on with each of you.  Listen more than you talk and gain some insight to their goals, what they feel good about and what they love about the relationship, etc.

This list is design to inspire you to think romantically every day.  The ideas are not original, but they are effective.  If you don’t like an idea on the list, no problem, just insert your own.  Pick something you know your partner will enjoy.

Keeping romance alive requires a commitment of time, attention and the willingness to keep things fresh.  This list will help you constantly re-connect with your partner and start you on your way to becoming an unforgettable romantic.

1. Make a CD of love songs
2. Share a candlelight, bubble bath
3. Write a love letter
4. Text a sexy note
5. Fix a candlelight dinner
6. Hold hands while you walk or hike a trail
7. Make love by candlelight
8. Give each other a massage with warm massage oil that smells wonderful
9. Give her two roses.  One with a note that says, “I Love You.” And the other with a note that says, “to my best friend.”
10. Read romantic love poems to your partner in bed.
11. Read an erotic short story – naked
12. Make a list of everything you love about your partner
13. Share your favorite dessert
14. Put on some Barry White music and slow dance.  Kiss in the middle and at the end of each song.
15. Declare your love for your partner in a public place.
16. Find a romantic spot where you can watch the sunset and make out in the car.
17. Go to a romantic movie and cuddle and kiss in the back row.
18. Leave a love note on the bathroom mirror so they’ll see it first thing in the morning.
19. Tape a love note to their steering wheel, so they can read it before driving off.
20.  Tour your town. Pick 3 fun or interesting places to visit together that are cheap or free, like the zoo, horseback riding or city music festivals.
21. Go on a picnic at night, its much more romantic.
22. Workout together at the health club.  Use a couple of free passes.
23. Cuddle together on the couch and watch a good movie.  Research has proven that cuddling and snuggling is as important as sex.
24. Volunteer together.  Consider a walk with the March of Dimes or the American Cancer Society.  Or help out at the food bank.  Visit volunteer.org for more ideas.
25. Give your sweetie a foot massage while watching TV.
26. Rent a bicycle built for two.
27. Get a bunch of rose petals from the florist.  Create a rose path directing your love from the front door to a romantic rendezvous either in bed or bath.
28. Have your partner sit on his hands and turn him on with a lap dance in sexy lingerie.
29. Send a musical greeting card or one that records your voice.
30.  Stroll along the beach.

There is no specific order to the list.  Just pick one and get your 30 day romance plan going.  Its sure to fire up those low burning embers of romance.   Remember, making memories is one of the best ways to create romance on a budget.