MPAM was founded in 2001 and currently has over a thousand active members. Thousands more have followed the MPAM training and gone on to establish their own empires. So, you might wonder, what is the point of writing a review nearly six years after the launch when the program is already well established. The reason for writing a review today is that MPAM has been evolving since its launch. This growth and development has recently culminated in a huge streamlining exercise and the addition of new resources for the benefit of members old and new.

What do those letters stand for?

This is a frequently asked question, so let’s look at the acronym before we go further. MPAM started as your Massive Passive Advertising Machine. The core of the program was teaching members a passive path to obtaining website traffic. This teaching (now known as the “Traffic Course”) is included as one of five Courses currently offered at MPAM’s “Marketing University”.

MPAM is now My Prosperity Action Machine which indicates your active path to obtaining income online – MPAM makes no secret of the fact that you have to work to earn money honestly. You will often see references to MPAM-PWI: Prosperity With Integrity is the MPAM “family” motto.

What you get with MPAM membership

MPAM, to put it simply, provides members with all the tools and training necessary to establish a serious long-term Internet based home business. MPAM has an active members’ forum where you can quickly get help with any aspect of your business. Membership includes professional standard website hosting and autoresponder. There are absolutely no hidden fess with MPAM, everything you need to build and develop an online home business is included in the single low membership fee (currently $29.98).

You will be taught in 20 simple logical steps how to build and promote your own niche mini-websites. All profits from sales and advertising revenue earned by your websites is 100% yours. Your connection with the massive MPAM network of websites will mean that the search engines will find and index your site within a matter of a few days so that you start receiving targeted visitors and potentially earning money within days rather than months.

More ways of earning money with MPAM

In addition to earning money from your niche websites, MPAM offers the following income streams:

1. Writing Articles. MPAM will pay you $5 for original well-written articles on a wide variety of subjects. If you can write just six articles a month, this will cover the cost of your membership.

2. ABC (Advertising Brokerage Co-op). MPAM runs a monthly co-operative where they pool members’ resources to pay for advertising to gain traffic to specific content websites and then sell advertising on those sites in anticipation of making a profit.

3. Training Allowance. MPAM will pay you a training allowance of $9.99 for each member in your team every month they renew their membership.

4. Affiliate sales. MPAM has dozens of products in a variety of categories for you to sell and earn commission.

Full membership 30 day free trial

MPAM gives a full month’s free trial membership. There are no tricks or traps: you aren’t asked for credit card details and no payment is required. At the end of the 30 day trial if you decide to continue your membership, you then need to pay for month two. For the trial month you are given unlimited access to all the tools, lessons and membership bonuses.


MPAM is suitable for anyone from the complete novice to the experienced Internet marketer. The detailed training and access to help means the novice will never feel out of his depth. MPAM teaches proven legitimate ways to make money online for anyone who wants a serious long term home business. MPAM is not and does not pretend to be an easy option, anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme should look elsewhere. The no-strings trial membership (remember, no deposit or credit card details required) is rare in Internet business and is a genuinely risk-free opportunity to learn all about the program.