A Transferrable Skill – Part D

Self-Reflected Summary of Current Leadership Strengths and Development Needs(16% of project grade)


Employers are very interested in an applicant’s ‘people skills’ such as communication, interpersonal abilities, multi-culture sensibility, teamwork, and leadership. These are considered transferrable skills (applicable to any job, in any company, in any industry). Because your education/degree is generally proof of your technical skills, interviewers will generally ask a few, very direct questions (easily answered) about what you can actually do; and many, indirect and obtuse questions (harder to answer) about your people skills and personal attributes (integrity, dependability, etc.). Often these questions are direct, and ask you to state and explain your ‘strengths and weaknesses’ – so – the smart (and well-prepared) interviewee has already thought about how to answer this question.


Overview of Individual Project Part D – Self-Reflected Summary


The purpose of Part D is to assist you in not only answering the tough interview questions (what are your strengths and weaknesses) but in also phrasing your answers to highlight your leadership skills and abilities (a transferrable skill that every business organization needs).

To this end, Part Dconsists of completing a final insight/self-assessment (located at the end of this document); taking a second look at your Part B and the previous fifteen (15) insight assessments; and then submitting a 2-4 page reflective summary of your leadership orientation, your 3 or 4 current leadership strengths, and your 2 or 3 leadership skills, abilities, and/or traits that you believe you need to further develop to become an effective leader.


Explanation of Requirements and Evaluation Criteria forPart D


  1. IMPORTANT – go back and re-read the twelve (12) reflective summaries you have submitted for the (15) insight assessments you should have completed for Part A (each insight was related to a different leadership competency and/or aspect of leadership) and the assessments and summary of your Part B (the summary was used to identify your current leadership strengths and development needs).
  2. Then complete Insight 12.3 (located at the end of this document) assessment tool and reflect upon what it tells you about your leadership orientation and potential strengths-weaknesses as an effective leader.
  3. Based upon all of your reflections, write a 2 – 4 page, double-line spaced summary in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with the bolded title of Reflective Overview of My(meaning your)Leadership Skills and Abilities, followed by you name on the next line. Your summary should provide the reader (meaning the instructor) an overall picture/explanation of your current leadership strengths (3 or 4) and the areas/competencies you feel require further development (2 or 3).


  1. Submit to appropriate drop box before the due date and time listed on the class schedule.

NO LATE SUBMISSIONS accepted.The following criteria will be used for evaluation:


Reflective Overview(6 points)

A clearly written, insightful reflective overview of leadership abilities identifying 3-4 strengths and 2-3 areas for improvement.

Met expectations

(2 points)

Overview is superficial, not reflective or insightful and lacking in identified strengths and weaknesses

Fell short of expectations

(1 or 0 points)

Went through the motions –not an overview of abilitiesor missing strengths/weaknesses


Professionalism(2 points)

Followed directions, no formatting errors, no writing errors

Met expectations

(1 point)

Followed directions and less than 3 formatting and/or writing errors

Fell short of expectations

(0 points)

Did not follow directions and/or more than 2 writing errors