Employee absenteeism is one of the most common and annoying problems being faced by employers in today‚Äôs workplace which is increasing by time. Family problems and sickness is a common excuse for leaves, but it’s also the most fraudulent excuse. Excessive and uninformed absents result in planning failure further resulting to low productivity and financial loses to the employer. In order to reduce absenteeism employers can/should make changes in their system and working culture, should understand the problems of employees and should give them benefits from job to develop their personalities.
Nowadays, Most companies create the database/ records of their employees which can be very helpful in tracking down the people with most leaves. Segregation of these employees on the basis of weekly or monthly basis and understanding any kind of pattern in their leaves can help in the planning of work for managers. Requesting evidence for the justification of their absence reason can also bring fear into the minds of defaulters. Setting up some examples by giving warnings to some of the employees with bad records or even firing them can have a huge impact on others. Policies like informing two days before the leave, regular leaves not allowed, etc. can be setup and can be discussed during the time of recruitment. Some of the cases are genuine so the employers can also get involved with employee’s personal lives to understand their problems and by giving them support if needed.
Some employees feel a lot of stress in their work or get bored by doing the same work each day; some changes can also be done in the workplace in order to make it more attractive or less boring for the employees. For example, organizing stress relieving sessions, making gyms, recreational centers, providing shower facilities, making the employees clear about their work, all these things help to reduce the stress level of their minds.