Normally every one looks for a cheap life insurance which insures them against any unfortunate risks and does not demand a very high rate of premium. This is the reason why insurance companies are in great demand and why people leading low to high risk professional and personal lives can hope to secure their future and that of their families.

The insurance companies can charge you a very heavy rate of premium if you fall in to the high risk category. But there is no need to panic at the thought of paying heavy rates of premium because there are ways to bring down the premium rates and getting a cheap life insurance.

A low premium is in your hands

Your low rate of premium is in your hands just as your health is in your hands. Physical fitness is some thing one can not stress enough on. If you are physically healthy you are looked upon as a low risk liability by the insurance company.

Suppose you suffer from diabetes and the insurance company will want to sell you a not so cheap life insurance cover. You will need to consult with your medical practitioner about the ways in which you can reduce the level of diabetes, so that your medical tests suggest that you can control and effectively bring down the level of diabetes to a non threatening level. This will make your medical profile look a lot like that of a low risk liability and will get you a cheap life insurance cover. The same is true of cholesterol which can directly lead to a heart attack.

Mental fitness counts

Insurance companies are very smart and look not only at your physical fitness and age to determine your risk factor. They also consider your mental health and take a very strict view in case you are on drugs or some kind of medication that can affect your daily behavior patterns. For example if you are on anti – depressants for even a short period of time, the insurance company will think twice before giving you a cheap life insurance cover. The insurance underwriters will insist that a person with a mental condition is a threat to themselves and to society.

Lower your high risk job profile

In case you have a high risk job description that makes you vulnerable to unnecessary risks like working in a nuclear facility or being exposed to radiations etc, you will still get insured but at a higher price. You need to prove to the insurance company that such exposure is temporary to bring down the premium. If you are engaged in life threatening sports activities, you may have to curtail them in order to get a cheap life insurance cover or prove to your insurance company that you have taken more than necessary precautionary measures to minimize risk of loss of life.

The same premise holds good for when you drive on the road. Insurance companies are always interested in finding out how good a driver you are or do you suffer from road rage? Always ensure that you drive with a clear mind and are not under the influence of alcohol, obey traffic rules to minimize getting booked for traffic violations.