What are the advantages of owning a vending machine business? Can you really profit from buying new or used vending machines? In this short article, I’ll focus on three major advantages of vending: Inherent industry advantages, add on ‘fine print’ benefits, and the ease with which anyone can start making a full or part-time income from this incredible businesses opportunity. Lastly, I’ll give you some personal tips to help you get your business of the ground and turning a profit!

Vending business owners enjoy a number of industry-specific advantages, simply because they chose to invest in vending. Vending is the nation’s largest all-cash business, which means that you’ll never have to worry about delayed payment, bouncing checks or the hassles associated with accepting credit cards. Additionally, vending is a booming industry, with total purchases from vending machines topping 41 billion dollars in 2006. Ventures providing food and other essentials are also much more recession-resistant, providing valuable income security throughout the erratic swings of the market. Vending machines require very little oversight, and will reliably promote your products 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Vending income will continue to accrue regardless of your activities, and can even make you money while you sleep or are on vacation! The vending business also offers a great ROI (Return on Investment), if you play your cards right. For example, a standard gumball machine can hold 850 gumballs. These gumballs can be bought in bulk for about 2 cents apiece and sell for 25 cents. That’s a pretty impressive margin! Finally, vending machines are relatively cheap investments and are easy to move and maintain, making your business very flexible and ready for growth. These powerful strengths make vending a very easy business to enter or expand; the perfect choice for those looking for an investment opportunity.

The vending business also offers quieter, less appreciated benefits. Investments in new equipment up to $125,000 can be deducted from your income for tax purposes, and additional investments can be depreciated over seven years. (This means you can take a percentage of their cost and deduct it each year for seven years). The vending business is also very simple to own and operate, requiring no employees, advertising, or complicated procedures. You will be your own boss, free to determine your business’s future. If you do decide to set out on the road to vending success, make sure you research your options thoroughly and tap into existing sources of expert advice. Treasure hunting for troves of knowledge from successful vendors is one of the best uses of your time and money, as it’s sure to pay big dividends down the road.

Finally, vending is extremely flexible and provides educational opportunities. You could easily run a full or part-time business from the comfort of your home, and will enjoy self-defined hours. You can work as much or little as you choose, and are totally free to decide how to use your time and resources. The vending business is also great for families, and can be used to teach children the value of work ethic, good business practice and responsibility. Overall, vending is a great wealth-building opportunity. Vending creates a sustainable, passive source of income, one which you can easily expand or adapt to changing market circumstances. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you were carving out a slice of this billion dollar industry, and that the profits will continue to roll in even while you sleep or leave for vacation? I hope that you find success, whatever you decide to invest in, but if you choose vending, I have one final tip.

If you are truly creating an additional income stream through vending, you realize that it will require an up-front investment. I suggest starting small with only a few machines placed in specially target locations, just to get a feel for the process. However, before you begin, you have to understand what your getting into and how to succeed. Even now, people everywhere are making great profits through vending, and the best path to success is following in their footsteps. Search out good sources of vending business information, written by professionals have been around the block a few times. For example, a there are a number of great ebooks available about vending, although some are better than others. Visit my website for reviews and important information about popular vending ebooks.