Just like a warm, sweet and crunchy apple pie,  American  Pie promises the same experience – except the latter is more deliciously raunchy and finger-licking  good .

Four high school senior buddies – Jim (Jason Biggs), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Oz (Chris Klein) – made a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. Getting laid before graduation, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The catch is – only one of them has a serious girlfriend who unfortunately isn’t quite so sure that she is ready for sex.

As for the rest of them, they have to find a girl before prom night and seduce her into sex. At some points of the movie, it seems that losing one’s virginity is an essential requirement to enter college. In a way, the movie depicts the aspirations and motivations of high school kids, with the all too familiar conversation topics and adult figures.

What unfolds from the pact are the many masturbation related scenes that give a huge impact to the movie. Who could forget Jim savagely “raping” an apple pie to pieces? Raunchy! That scene alone becomes an instant classic about avid movie-goers and apple-pie-fetish-enthusiasts. Most of the other scenes are heavily injected with comical scenarios and funny dialogues.

For example, Jim’s father (Eugene Levy) repeatedly stumbled upon his son masturbating and indulging in questionable activities. If other fathers will ignore these awkward encounters as a growing up phase, it is endearing to watch how Jim’s dad earnestly tried to explain the birds and bees to his son, oblivious to the fact that his son is already thinking of “doing it”.

The big Q is: Did they get some?

Two thumbs up for the solid and well-timed performances by the talented cast. If you are in for a good laugh and a raunchy good time, this movie is the way to go.