As a content marketer you learn to provide plenty of content relevant to your business and the products or services you sell, but how does that content drive your personal business traffic? When I started out, I thought the resource box was about me, and I mistakenly included details about myself in the box, telling people who I was. Then I realized they don’t care who I am, they want to know what I can do for them.

That’s when I learned the importance of creating a powerful marketing resource box at the end of each article, and started gaining benefit from content marketing.

Brand Identity

When your brand identity glorifies the client and puts them in the driver’s seat of your business it’s a win/win application. Web designers the world over struggle with putting the client first. In most cases, the designer presents what glorifies him, instead of the client, but meeting the client’s needs is of utmost importance. Graphics, words, content, it all should be about the client. The business brand I most aptly use for my business is a warm, inviting, reminder that my client comes first. A welcome of sorts to bring them into the fold…

Offer of Services

If the customers likes what you offer in the dynamic content of your article, they may be interested in reading more of what you offer. Put that in your resource box and give them an opportunity to see what else you offer. Significant content is always a value. Do you write a blog? Perhaps a link to your blog is in order, because you provide additional information there? Or a link to a page where they can purchase your services? Or, in the case of a product review, a link to the product that you’ve reviewed in case they want to purchase said product?

Signature Line and Link

It’s always nice to know who wrote an article, and the resource box is generally where you get credit. Although a by-line may be included at the top when published, a bit about the author in the resource box is always relevant.

Don’t overload the resource box. It’s important to put enough information but not too much. Make me proud and add just enough when you create your resource box based on this information.

Your Brand – sufficient to entice the right buyers in, a link to your services or product, and your signature link.