As a new agent with your State Department of Homeland Security, your supervisor has asked you to familiarize yourself with policies implemented post-9/11. This includes the recommendations made by the 9/11 Committee to increase communication across America. To assist you, your supervisor has asked you and a few other agents to develop a new policy adhering to the information set out in the USA PATRIOT Act to increase communication. Your policy proposal will be presented at the upcoming national conference.

The group will develop a policy proposal specifically addressing the line of communication that needs to occur if a terrorist act is committed within the state. Also, include in the policy what will occur in terms of first responders. That includes evacuation procedures, the use of command centers, and specific tactics. Each agent will write the specific portion of the policy as determined by the group leader. Be sure to provide specific language from the USA PATRIOT Act itself and the rationale for the implementation of material. This will need to be supported by library research. The individual portions will be used to develop a final proposal for the conference. Group members can also add in additional information as they see fit. Be sure to use the proposal guidelines in the MUSE as a guide.

The individual portions should be uploaded in the Group Submitted Files area for review by your supervisor and in the group Discussion Board to be evaluated by your peers. You need to evaluate each group member’s individual portion. Discussing the following:

  • Did they discuss each portion in detail?
  • Was there a sound rationale for their decisions to implement the specific techniques and procedures?
  • Will this gain public support?
  • Provide any additional suggestions.
  • Provide any criticisms of the policy.