Australia, being famed for its natural beauty attracts many adventurous people. Depending on the landscape different adventures are possible in different areas of the country. Organized tours are available based on the type of adventure.

Airborne Adventures

Ballooning, Paragliding and Skydiving are some of the airborne adventures in Australia. Persons 6 years and above can take a ride in a Hot Air balloon. This is available in most of the cities across the country. Some tour packages also fly over the grasslands and other places of scenic beauty. The flight starts at dawn to have a good view of the sunrise and lasts for about an hour. The rates range from $125 to $200 for a flight.

Paragliding is very similar to parachuting, the difference being the ability to fly up and not float down. This is available along the coast of   Australia . The rates are something like $100 for a 15 minute ride to $200 for a one day course.

Skydiving can be  done  in cities like Sydney and Cairns after a 15 minute instructional course on how to  do  it. The rates are somewhere around $200.


Dolphin watching can be  done  year-round and whale watching from June to November. This is available along the coast of  Australia . Kalbarri in Western Australia is the prime destination for whale watching. Catamaran tours take people out in the sea to watch Humpback whales.

Wildlife safaris are available in the Australian Outback and Rainforests. Tours for ten days or more are organized through the Australian wilderness in different parts of the country. The rates range between $4000 and $6000.

Trekking up to the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro is quite popular. There are other mountain ranges where tour packages are offered including rock climbing, hiking, bush walking and mountain biking.

Water Sports

Several guided tours are available for Kayaking and Canoeing along the central coast of New South Wales, on the Hawkesbury River near Sydney, Mulgrave River and other such places.

Tours are available for White Water Rafting on Franklin River in South West Tasmania, near Sydney, Cairns and Western  Australia .

Scuba diving and Snorkeling are  done  at places like the Great Barrier Reef and other reefs along the western coast of  Australia . Day trips are organized and cost around $80 – $100.