Australia is a country which can be found in the southern hemisphere. It is also the smallest continent in the world but just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The night life in Australia is great and there are tons of Australia gay bars and clubs available for the gay community. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are the best places to go and in these three cities you will find a great range of bars and clubs in the gay scene to keep you entertained.


In Sydney there are a large number of bars and clubs most of which are on Oxford Street and Flinders Street. DCM for example is a great bar which can be found on Oxford Street. This Australia gay bar is large and is one of the most popular and well known. You will be able to enjoy a great night out here with top class DJ’s and a great dancing atmosphere. Another great Australia gay bar in Sydney is Midnight Shift which is also situated on Oxford Street. This fantastic bar is a great place to come to meet friends for drinks before you hit the clubs.


Brisbane is a little different in terms of the gay scene. There are plenty of gay bars and clubs to choose from but they are spread out across the city and aren’t all in one place like in Sydney. Beat is a good bar and is a very popular place for the local gay community. It’s situated on Ann Street and is a very good place for a quiet drink in the afternoon and a party in the evening. Another popular bar in Brisbane is a place called Signal which is similar to the bar Beat but is more sophisticated.


Another great place for Australian gaybars and clubs is Melbourne and here the gay are all spread out again just like in Brisbane. You can choose from a variety of different clubs here. The Peel, Royal Sundays and X Change are among some of the most popular. It’s really dependent on taste so you’ll have to browse the bars and clubs and find a fit for you.

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