Australian richly flavored wine is famous all over the world particularly in the European countries. Australia is among the five world largest wine exporters in terms of volume exports. The South Australian Region is predominantly famous for the massive wine production nearly accountable for half of the Australian beer production. The climate and favorable agricultural conditions of Southern Australia have given rise to massive cultivation of vine.

The history of vine plantation in Australia can be traced back to the 1830’s. A settler and farmer namely John Barton Hack planted vines for the first time in North Adelaide which gave rise to a new era of wine plantation and production. The Australian wine industry gained a boost during the Second World War when international military soldiers stayed in the country. During that time the wines of Australia grew in popularity and industry became financially strong.

With the massive research efforts and new methods of wine production, the wine making business expanded to large wineries making it possible for the country to fulfill the wine demand worldwide. Now Australia ranks very high in the field of wine production as well as export all across the world. The Australia beer industry is also making great progress through online wine sales that has assisted majority of the customers to buy wine online.

The Australian wine industry has made great progress in a limited time frame and is expected to grow a lot more in future. The demand for wine is growing rapidly and the desired progress is yet to achieve. This for the most part depends on meeting the quality goals in wine production. Wine quality depends most prominently on the worth of the grapes grown in rich lands of South Australia.

The excessive wine production has made wine an integral part of the culture of Australia. Wine festivals are celebrated all across Australia to enjoy the drink with family and friends. This has also helped promoting the drink to the tourists that visit the Australian lands repeatedly. The wine bars, winery boutiques and other wine courses have attracted the attention of the world towards the amazing drink.

There are wide varieties of grapes grown in Australia which has led to the production of various types of wines. Wine is particularly made from combination of two or more grapes. The manufacturer has to reveal the name of at least one type of grape used in the production on the face of the bottle. The name is usually displayed along the name of the brand helping customers make their favorite wine purchase decision.

White and Red wines and Sparkling wines are the most famous kind of wines. The differences in red and white wine come during the manufacturing process. The white wine is made without addition of skin during fermentation process while the red wine is made by crushing the skins and the fruit during fermentation.

The most prominent and widely loved white wine is prepared from Chardonnay grape. The Australian Chardonnay has come along in different brands and is sold massively specially through online wine websites. Chardonnay is basically green skinned grape variety and is highly adaptable to variety of weather conditions.

Chardonnay is basically used in the preparation of sparkling wine and dry white wines (not sweet in taste). Sparkling wines are the wines carrying high levels of carbon dioxide making the drink fizzy in nature. Chardonnay acts as an important component of Champagne, the most famous kind of beer carrying international fame.

Chardonnay pairs well with variety of food types like seafood, white meat etc and this is the reason that the drink has been loved by majority of the people. Chardonnay grows in famous wine regions in Australia involving Adelaide Hills, Margret River, Creek, Langhorne and others.

The Australian wines are undoubtedly the richest in flavors and have been coming in new brands. The beer business is flourishing rapidly in Australia and there are very bright chances for new motivated investors. The need of the day is to boost the business through powerful online presence. Although there are still variety of online wine websites in Australia but there is still room for improvement. The companies must establish a culture of secure wine sales direct and influence a broad audience into online purchase.