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The whole research is base on the topic. After the collection of data, the data will be analyzed. For international students, there will be complete and clear rules, which help the international students to make dissertations easily. Title and Author information: You can elaborate the main idea of the article and authors name are listed affiliation. Abstract: the main idea and complete concept write in this portion. Introduction: It can contain background and statement of the problem, purpose of the research and hypothesis. Methodology: Describe how the research was conducted, sample study, validity and reliability. Result or findings: Summarize the whole findings and text, table. Discussion or recommendations: explain or justified the result and concluded future areas of the research. References: A list of completed work of cited author and listed in the dissertations. A complete reference contains Name of journal, Page number, volume number, year of publication. Conclusion or recommendations: The findings from the research are very important and training is given to the students, how to write a dissertation.