• All research MUST be appropriately referenced. See the library Cite/Write webpage for details. This is an individual assignment – students must not collude in any way on research or writing. Any evidence of collusion will be treated as academic misconduct and will be penalised per the University policy on plagiarism and academic dishonesty (MOPP C/5.3 Academic Integrity). Students should note that Wikipedia is not a satisfactory reference source. The research sources cited are suggestions only and may be disregarded entirely, depending on what suits each student’s purpose.
  • Late submission: assessment submitted after the due date will not be marked and will receive a grade of 1 or 0%.
  •  I’ve got some previous solution for Questions 1 and 3 submitted in 2015. You can use it to enhance your writing. You can paraphrase and use parts as you may deem appropriate, but don’t copy and paste since Turn It in will be used. It will be emailed once the handshake is complete.
  • Class notes and resources too provided. Use the Grading rubric to check for content quality.
  • Question 1 should be strictly 1000 words, and the rest 500 words each.
  • Add cover Page
  • Submit by 23rd June at 4pm Pacific time.