Biographies of strong personalities or leaders have always been a motivational factor for everyone. When we aspire to be something or do something, then these biographies come alive and kindle a flame within us to achieve great heights. These biographies or autobiographies have motivated us to take that extra step or to persevere for that extra second, without giving up. The biographies of many influential people have been taken up by directors to be made movies. Many others have been included in the curriculum of kids or youth, for them to know in depth. And lot many are available as biography books, in the local bookstores, for those who wish to know more about people who changed the face of the world and contributed in social reforms, scientific discoveries, breakthrough in art forms and much more.

Some of the Best Biography Books or memoirs of all times include ‘Albert Einstein: A Biography’ a ride through the mind and life of an all time genius, ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler, an insight into the life of a person whose name can never escape acknowledgment, ‘The story of my experiments with truth’ by Mohandas Karamchand Gadhi, who victoriously led a whole nation to freedom with non-violence as the tool and much more.

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