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I usually am there a very short time, speaking to students, faculty and parents about the process of getting into US colleges. Parents and students want to believe me when I say, “Test scores will not get you in, and a perfect test score is not a perfect applicant.” They just can’t conceive of it. Most of the students who come to the USA go to “schools” outside of their regular school, a small business where promises are made to the families about admissions. Parents often pay the business according to the rank of the college to which they are accepted. I asked one CEO about their prices for helping the student with test-prep and the application process, and learned that “it depends,” on what module they choose. I am currently working with a Jiangsu province education group who wants to select their top students from 15,000 international program students in their public schools to learn more about US colleges and universities. I had suggested and we create an essay competition in the 500 schools, which is being administered in early July in school. It is given in their English class.

I gave them a choice of three questions, all personal opinion, no right and wrong answers. The instructions given to the teacher was to say that the US colleges are looking for what the Chinese point of view can add to the discussion – in the classroom, locker room, dormitory, and coffee house. I have read the first group that just came in and I can tell you it will be easy to choose, as like their education, they all sound exactly alike. Very boring, no personal view whatsoever. Stay tuned; I hope to be surprised when I’ve seen a lot more of them. Should essays from international student be held to the same stylistic standards as those from domestic students? No, of course not. I don’t think any student with English as a second language can be judged from the same writing standards. Do you have any advice that you would give to parents about how best to support their students through the process? Oh yes. As I tell parents, “I have advice about everything and there are exceptions to everything I say!

” I try hard to get them to realize and remember that their children want to get into a top school, too. Anything else you want to add? The college choice is so much more than it appears. The social visibility of the teen-agers’ decisions adds to the emotional burden of the process. Everyone feels free to ask a teenager, “What’s your top choice? ” “Did you get in? Naming the college is not the all of it. Add leaving home to that process – leaving parents and siblings, friends, relatives, teachers and coaches weighing in on what and whom they are leaving. The truth of the process gets closer when educators and families realize that the college choice is choosing the next home in which to live and learn. Their first time- for most students- away from home. Joyce knows the way students think. And parents, and just about everyone else who comes within earshot of kid starting to look at schools. The question What is your first choice may seem innocent enough but behind those 5 words come a whole dark closet full of assumptions, reactions, and, often unsupported generalizations.

Questions like this should not have a right answer, but they do, at least to those who think about rankings more than fit. And that, frankly, is a lot of us. It’s hard not to. The way to sell stuff is to create lists. Just scroll down Facebook and before long a list of 10 best, worst, sexiest, somethingest will pop up. And because these lists get the most hits, more lists proliferate. Every day a new way of ranking schools comes out, some silly, some downright misleading. Joyce brings her knowledge to far away places, as many there will not have the opportunity to visit a campus. They depend far more on rankings and what is called common wisdom but isn’t. I would call for uncommon wisdom, the wisdom that comes from Joyce suggests—doing research on lots of schools. This essential step gets bypassed by too many in favor of lists and rankings.