When you have a website, you need traffic. You always research on finding new ways to get traffic. Link building is the most popular and the easiest way to drive direct traffic to your website. Also link building will help your site to get better ranking from search engines. Therefore, it is not strange for you to look for new ways to build links. On your quest for new methodology on link building, if you found blog comments as a new method of doing so, go ahead and try your hand in it. But remember if you want to find success in link building with blog comments, you need to follow best practices.

  • Before writing your comment, think what to write and make a meaningful comment. Also your comment should focus on the blog post. Do not write general comments that could match any blog post such as “Great idea” or I “like it”. Always remember that blogs are not there to give you links. They are there to discuss their niches. While doing that you can get the extra benefit of getting a link. Though your main aim is to get a link, don’t show that.
  • Find websites that are in your niche. This could be done by visiting dofollow web directory. If you have a lot of them in your niche, find the most popular ones and post your comments on them.
  • It is important to remember that though a blog may be of a good ranking all its blog posts will not enjoy the same ranking. The reason is that an internal page might have better blog posts that are more popular; hence draw more traffic than the home page of the same blog. You will notice that in such pages there will be a lot of comments on a blog post. Leave your comment on a blog post of that nature.
  • Being different from others is a good way to get attention to your comment. If other comments are shorter you make a longer comment. If others are longer, make a shorter comment.
  • ¬∑Use bolding when necessary. When you bold an important point, the readers will be interested to know more. Therefore you will get more readers to your comment.
  • Most of the time you see comments such as “I agree” and “I disagree”. These are sometimes treated as spam. You must explain as to why you agree or disagree. But always make it short and sweet. People don’ like to waste time on reading long essays.
  • You can make your presence felt on comments by using Gravatars. When your register with their website, your chosen picture will appear with your comments as it will recognize your email address. If you have your picture there, you will be recognized by the readers at a distance.

These are simple tips to follow but they will help you in a big way to increase your traffic through blog commenting and also to boost your ranking with websites.