Civil Rights Breakthroughs

Civil Rights Breakthroughs" Please respond to the following: (Note: Please respond to one [1] of the following two [2] bulleted items in a primary posting of at least 125 words. In addition, please make a substantive comment to one [1] of your classmates.) From the scenario, identify at least two (2) events of the 1960s which you believe spurred the Civil Rights Movement forward. Explain the key ways in which the events that you have identified supported the movement. Provide a rationale for your response. From the scenario, name at least three (3) different events within the Civil Rights Movement that accelerated the freedom movements of the 1960s and the Great Society movement. Investigate the manner in which the Civil Rights Movement sparked other groups to push for equality. Include at least one (1) example of such influence of the Civil Rights Movement to support your response. Provide a rationale Read More …

Network Attacks

Network Attacks Research denial-of-service attacks (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDos). Compose a 1-2 page paper giving an explanation on each type of network attack and what network administrators can do to prevent these types of attacks. For example, if the Triton Corporation has a DoS attack, what would be your forensic plan of action? Write an outline of this plan of action and include it in your paper. Please compose paper in APA style format and include 2-3 cited sources of information. Virus-free.


Self-Assessment Access the Student Companion Site for your textbook. You will be completing a number of short surveys in the "Self Assessments" section of this resource: #5 Terminal Values #6 Instrumental Values #11 Your Intuitive Ability #25 Cognitive Style After you complete these instruments, reflect on the interpretations – how did you rate? Please write a 500 word summary, including your actual results (scores, for example) along with your areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Submit this assignment as a Word document, using the APA format. Title page and references are not included in the 500-word requirement. Virus-free.


As demonstrated in the first week of this course, there is no one single definition for terms such as social responsibilityand social change. These are complex concepts determined by multiple factors. You may now recognize some of the key contributing factors that lead to social responsibility in action. Has your initial understanding of social responsibility and social change evolved through your work in this course? Have the shared comments of colleagues as well as the Learning Resources provided further insight into the value of working collectively to achieve social change? In this Reflection Essay, you reflect on how this course has influenced your overall understanding and approach to positive social change. To prepare for this Assignment: Review Walden University’s General Education Learning Outcome “Change” in the Course Project Overview and Guidelines document in this week’s resources. Consider how the General Education DEEP-C Model contributed to your ability to discover and Read More …

Accounting Automation

Imagine you are a consultant hired to convert a manual accounting system to an automated system. Suggest the key advantages and disadvantages of automating a manual accounting system. Identify the most important step in the conversion process. Provide a rationale for your response. Virus-free.

Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard Discuss how a SWOT analysis might be used for identifying measures in a balanced scorecard. What types of questions might you ask? Refer to this week’s lecture before crafting your post. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. DQ#2: Leadership Competencies Read Chapter 9 of the text and the article, “Offshoring American Health Care: Higher Quality at Lower Costs? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” How does the leadership style of Dr. Devi Shetty seem to fit any of the leadership theories that were developed in Chapter 9? Provide examples from the article in which Dr. Devi Shetty exhibited one or more of the six key leadership competencies described in Chapter 9. Refer to this week’s lecture before crafting your post. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Virus-free.

Confidentially and privacy concerns associated with the use of a new health information technology

Address patient confidentially and privacy concerns associated with the use of a new health information technology. Provide peer-reviewed references Identify steps and timeline needed to deploy a new health information technology system. Provide peer-reviewed references Provide at least two persuasive arguments to get management and stakeholders to support and buy in and purchase new technology. Virus-free.

What can an organization do to ensure that merit pay and other incentives are administered fairly?

What can an organization do to ensure that merit pay and other incentives are administered fairly? What kind of data would you gather to ensure that the pay-for-performance system is not biased in favor of any particular group? Would linking pay to objective criteria that are important to the organization, such as quality control measures, profitability, and low turnover, help or hurt in administering pay? Why are employers implementing policies that require employees to adopt healthier lifestyles? The thread must be 400–1,000 words and include at least 2 internet searchable scholarly journal article sources in addition to the textbook and relevant scriptural integration. All citations and references must be in current APA format. Virus-free.

Monitoring the Cost Of Money: Interest Rates

Monitoring the Cost Of Money: Interest Rates Interest rates, the cost of money, influence most all factors related to personal and corporate capital budgeting. The more obvious personal information for the cost of money is the rates associated with a mortgage or car loan. As a CFO you would “shop” interest rates to find the best rate for your financing needs. Would you, as the CFO, finance your projects as soon as possible if cost of capital was expected to drop? Please explain. More importantly where do you find the information to analyze expected changes in interest rates? Virus-free.

Global societal issues

For this discussion you will address the following prompts: Identify two global societal issues from the following list that you would consider researching further for your Week Five Final Argumentative Essay: adult illiteracy, funding for General Education vs STEM in primary and secondary schools, minimum wage, oceans desertification, overcoming the digital divide, refugee (escaping persecution, war, or death) crises, species extinctions (modern), tax havens, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), universal statement of human rights (pick one), airport security, or wealth disparity. Describe effective methods you used in identifying and narrowing down to just one of the two topics to further research for your final essay. Explain three ways you can critically analyze sources to determine if they are scholarly and credible. For one of the topics chosen, summarize information from at least two peer-reviewed journal articles from the Ashford University Library that will support your claims. Explain why scholarly Read More …