So you have finished the requisite 12 of years of school, gone to prom, played sports, scored well on the SATS, written endless essays, “Why I Am Right For Your School”, and are finally accepted into college.  Congratulations!  Before you take a class or even settle into your new dorm, there are an endless amount forms and paperwork to complete.

Of the many requirements to entering universities, health insurance is critical.Typically, students are covered by their parents’ policy or are covered by insurance gained through employment as they continue to work and study.  Schools also offer BSBC student health insurance, at affordable prices, through student services offices.  However, many students will need to look for individual coverage to have the required student health insurance.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina provides this much needed student health insurance for North Carolina University students through independent NC health insurance agents. 

Students are always on a budget.  Health insurance may seem unnecessary, but it can literally be a life saver if a minor injury or illness goes untreated.  An independent Blue Cross Blue Shield NC agent can help choose the right coverage.  For example, not all plans will allow an out-of-network-benefit, but some plans do permit members to use the student health clinic on campus, saving money and time.  Paying for individual health insurance may be cheaper as a healthy student is not subsidizing healthcare for all of the students covered by a school plan.  For a NC University student who is not chronically ill, an independent plan may be more affordable.  Another way to save money is to have major medical coverage only.  Minor colds and scrapes are covered by the individual. 

BCBS of North Carolina offers plans that have variable co-pays and deductibles, resulting in lower monthly premiums.  With an independent BSBC coverage, you choose the plan that works best for you.  Additionally, an individual policy can continue after a student graduates.  Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policies are an added benefit as you look for employment or particularly, if you decide to become self-employed.  Enter “health insurance North Carolina” online to locate Osborne Insurance Services, Inc.  Experienced agents here can work with each individual to find a BCBS student health plan personalized for you and your budget.  Look to Osborne Insurance Services, Inc. for all health insurance in North Carolina.