Breakfast is the first meal of the day. We all know it. Presumably we all have heard it from our parents; teachers and elders also read in several newspapers “why breakfast is good for us” It’s almost a cliche! Almost everybody knows that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But still we miss and skip our breakfast.

The concept that sleep prevents eating, and we don’t have anything in the nights, so an involuntary fast occurs during sleep, this fast needs to be broken and is broken by the fist meal of the day we call it breakfast.

The American Dietetic Association says breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Starting the day with breakfast benefits everyone — children, teens and adults. “Eating breakfast is very important for the brain and the body first thing in the morning.”

If it’s so good and important… how come many people skip breakfast? It is said that breakfast is the first chance the body has to refuel its glucose levels, also known as blood sugar, after eight to 12 hours without a meal or snack. Glucose is essential for the brain and is the main energy source.

Blood glucose also helps fuel the muscles needed for physical activity throughout the day.

Excuses for not eating breakfast:

o Having “No time”.

o I am not hungry.

o I am a forgetting person.

o I might gain weight. Trying to loose it.

o I hate what is served in the breakfast. Don’t like it.

o The habit of skipping meals.

If we get the answers of the questions for making excuses, it probably helps in having the first meal.

If you say “I have no time”

How much time does it take to drink a glass of milk if you fall short of time. You can make toast and eat it on your way to work. Otherwise try making breakfast the night before. Remember, making time for breakfast is making time to be healthy.

If you’re not hungry

To get started, don’t eat anything after an early supper. Finish supper by 6:30 p.m this will help you in the morning with breakfast.

A forgetful person

If you’re hungry enough, your hunger will remind you of eating breakfast.

I might gain weight

If this a problem, eating breakfast will actually help you reach and maintain your healthy weight. It burn calories. So eat breakfast.

If you “don’t like breakfast foods”

Don’t eat traditional breakfast foods. Any healthy food is fine. Caffeine may disguise hunger. Go for the milk or orange juice or else have bread with butter.

If you suffer from the habit of skipping meals

You have to take help of others. Either consults a doctor or someone who bothers about your meals. Good luck!

Researchers in the US have found that skipping breakfast routinely can indirectly increase the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease

Facts to remember

– Research studies have also shown that the human body tends to accumulate more fat when a person eats fewer. Skipping breakfast doesn’t mean losing weight; in fact you’re gaining it.

– Memory is the worst affected by hunger

– Research conducted across the world has also shown that children who eat breakfast think faster and clearly, solve problems more easily and are less likely to be fidgety and irritable early in the day.

What to have in break fast?

We need to understand what we eat is healthy or unhealthy. Eating wrong breakfast is equal to skipping your meal.

– Avoid things like chocolate chip muffins and other high sugar meals. So, these foods are a no-no. Have milk instead.

– Fresh fruits and cereals are a healthier choice, but you have to be mindful of the sugar contained in cereals.

– Eat bread or toast with jam or butter

– Don’t have anything which is heavy and full of sugar.

And remember, Health is by Choice…not by chance! The choice is yours. If we want to be good and healthy, stop excusing and start eating right breakfast at right time because by adopting a better diet and wiser lifestyle habits, you can live longer, feel better, and enjoy a healthier, more fruitful life.