San Diego offers many benefits to the homeowner, whether it is the wonderful, year round temperature, the sunshine and proximity to some of the best beaches in Southern California or a variety of industries that call this area home. It is time to add one more quality to this area and that is the promotion of green building to potential or current San Diego homeowners.

If you are considering building a new home in San Diego, you need to be aware of the focus and the push that the San Diego County Administration has started for homeowners to build with environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The county administration has named this initiative the Green Building Program. This is a series of incentives, rebates and credits for the homeowner who chooses to outfit their new home with items like a tank-less water heater or a weather based sprinkler system. In addition, this program is so progressive and forward thinking it has received attention from the United Stated Green Council.

There are many benefits to outfitting your new home with energy efficient, green products. To start, while there is an initial investment, you will also see that investment be paid for several times over through savings in your utility bills as well as rebates and credits from federal and state governments during tax time. Therefore, you won’t only be reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also be lining your pockets with the extra cash you would have been shelling out to water, electricity and gas companies.

Outside of the savings you will be experiencing with your green home, you will also be reaping the benefit of living a healthier life. Studies show that homes that are made with green materials are toxin-free and there is less of a chance of exposing yourself or your family to harmful internal pollutants and chemicals. In addition, when natural ventilation is included in the construction of your home, you and your family will breathe easier as fresh air from the outside will be brought into your home while stale, recycled air is blown out. Think of it this way, when you live in a healthier home, you will also save on expensive doctor’s visits because your family will not be as susceptible to flu and cold germs.

Finally, you will also be doing your community and your environment some good when you build a green home. You will be creating less pollution that contributes to climate change and global warming and you will also be doing your part to cut out unnecessary waste that heads straight to a landfill during the construction process. Studies show that for a normal 2,500 square foot house, over two tons of garbage is produced just during the building process. Green homes only produce one fourth of the garbage in comparison to a home built through standard construction processes.

If you build a green home, you will not only feel good about it when it comes to the money you spend on utility bills, but you will also see the benefit in the world you pass on to your children.