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July 5, 2016

Choose an infectious disease that is currently a human health risk.

Choose an infectious disease that is currently a human health risk.  Research your topic using online sources such as the NIH, CDC, and WHO. Write a […]
July 4, 2016

Coulomb's Law

Review textbook Chapter 16 which involves the vector nature of electric forces. In this simulation, the green, red, and blue charges are originally (i.e., at t […]
July 4, 2016

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July 4, 2016

Procedures in our essay writing company

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July 4, 2016

Analysis of Energy Sources

When your lab report is complete, post it in Submitted Assignment files.   Part I: Using the lab animation, fill in the data table below to […]
July 1, 2016

Lab Report

A lab report is a difficult piece of writing. It really takes a lot of patience and good skills to compile a highly convincing and professional […]
June 30, 2016

Gun Bluing

Labs Labs will be required during this course. These labs will be hands-on exercises that students will complete on their own. Each student is required to […]
June 30, 2016

Chemistry Mid-term Exam

It is important that you provide answers in your own words.  Please focus only on information from the text/eBook to create your own solutions.  Please do […]
June 30, 2016

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