TOPIC: Charles Carrol of Carrollton

  1. Identify at least four different resources that you could use to write a research paper about your topic. If you can find more than four resources that is all the better.


  1. Write a short (about 5 pages double-spaced and typed) essay about the kind and quality of resources you found about your topic in the U.S. Catholic Collection and about why you think the topic you have chosen is worthy of study for those interested in the history of Catholicism in the United States.


In your essay you need to:


  1. Describe the resources that you found. Are your resources books, article, letters, diaries, prayer books, or material culture (i.e. relics, statues, pictures, prayer cards, etc.)?


  1. Discuss the most important kinds of information these resources have to offer on your topic.


  1. Explore the directions you think a researcher could go with his or her research on this topic