You can get some fabulous deals online for quality desktop computers. And the best part about all this is you usually get a lot of free bundled goodies along with the desktop computers. You can get amazing quotes for desktop computers online, but most of the time there is a lot of fine print – so make sure you aren’t ripped off.

Take some time to go through every offer carefully. AOL, for example, is offering a desktop computer for only $199.98 but you have to be an AOL member for 12 months at $23.90 a month! That translates into $286.80 more. So, don’t just jump to any conclusions. Take your time, evaluate your needs and then look out for the best and cheapest desktop computers available.

Many manufacturers offer easy payment options, and there are a host of other schemes that enable you to purchase a new desktop computer that fits your needs. The best deals for a desktop computer are online, so you would need to go online and check what is available.

You can also get yourself a bare-bones computer kit. These computer kits are partially built, and let novice computer builders finish building them with cheaper parts. A bare-bones PC might include just the cabinet, power supply, internal speaker, motherboard, CPU and floppy drive. The CPU chip could be optional. A bare-bones PC intended for resale usually includes a low-capacity hard disk, CD-ROM drive, low-end display adapter and sound card, keyboard, mouse and speakers. Some bare-bones PCs sell for as little as $100!

With all this being said, there are a variety of options. And if you don’t want to spend a lot on a computer, but just need it to surf the net or for educational purposes, a bare-bones PC will suit your needs perfectly. There is a desktop computer available for any budget – even yours. So get yourself one today.