Ever heard someone ask, or asked it yourself, “which is more effective for getting rid of body fat? Dieting or exercise?”. The best response I ever heard for this, and most humorous was “I don’t know would rather fly in plane with a right wing or a left wing?”

Losing body fat isn’t just a one time thing. It tends to come back and, believe it or not, has been proven to occur in older people more frequently. Which means if you want it gone. You’re going to need to make some lifestyle decisions, not just a today’s lunch decision.

A   cheap  and easy way to find and make it through a decent workout on your own is with the internet. I’m not just talking about making a play list to listen to while you’re running either. Today there are many workout videos available to watch and download off the internet.

Many professional martial arts instructor’s post videos of themselves giving lessons to recruit students to their schools. Yoga instructors also. Simply  do  a search for what ever you’re thinking about trying. Make sure to do a warm-up, use some common sense and don’t hurt yourself.

The same is true with diet planning and nutritional information. Visit New Food Guide Pyramid for a basic understanding of what you should be eating everyday. Search for meals and recipes that you can easily fix and/or store for later to cut down on the amount of cooking you have to do everyday.

You have access to one of the most powerful sources of information the world has ever seen in the internet. Use it!