Ancient architecture, authentic foods and beautiful beaches make a   cheap  holiday travel in Thailand, a treasure. The people are fun, friendly and love talking to tourists. That offer the knowledge, friendship and if you need to see some unusual attractions that are ready to show the path. When planning your trip, you might want to stay in Chiang Mai and its beauty and outstanding cultural events. You can see the city has become very busy area and tourists who love the view of some  customs  that are present around the area.

You can see the elephant camps, the artwork beautifully carved temples and the ancient city. There are over three hundred temples to see and each has its own beautiful architecture to see. If you intend to enter a church, be prepared to remove your shoes. There are many customs observed in Chiang Mai, which has never changed over time. This is an inexpensive holiday trip that no one forgets. The city is beautiful, as it became more popular than Bangkok. If you travel to Thailand, which celebrates its New Year, you will see different colors, headdresses and costumes that are traditional to celebrate the New Year

 Cheap  holidays to Thailand are exciting and when you find a package that includes lodging, transportation and airfare, you will find many things. With all the attractions, and things to do in Thailand, including Chiang Mai, do not spend a penny. You can go mountain biking, hiking on the beach, sit and watch the night life revolve around it. There is no place around where you can discover the culture and live among people.

Plan your holidays,  cheap  holidays all over the Thai New Year and to participate in the celebration which always offers a unique and unforgettable moment for everyone. You can check online for some affordable packages and then just sit and enjoy the flight to a beautiful and rewarding destination. Remember to always carry a digital camera and many rolls of film, you do not want to miss anything