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A whole new world opened up to the rabbit. There was a forest with hazelnut colored leaves and all kinds of new furry woodland creatures inside. The story introduced its plot when the daring rabbit learned of a dangerous force had taken control of the vacuum world. The book, only about ten hand written pages, also had a lot of illustrations to go along with the story. Most of my influence here probably had to do with my amazing adventures with my friends and family in the forest. Video games and movies left a huge impression my ability to form complex story lines and plot twists. Video games in particular teach you to problem solve and develop a keen sense for what should come next and helped me in my writing my pushing each piece of my jumbled imagination into place. Meaning, mostly I think, video games helped me organize my thoughts better while movies influenced the complexity of my stories.

On top of that I think movies, with their foreseeable plots and twists, helped me think of stories that made a lot of sense and were more predictable, or predictable enough to follow and enjoy. My next big tale of influence probably should land its place in Cleveland, Ohio. We stayed in Ohio for about one year for various reasons involving family, after about five years in Charlotte. Here, because of the cold, the weather kept me inside. We were living with my grandmother, on my mother’s side, taking care of her. My mother, little sister, and I slept in the same big room with me on one of those fold up beds. You know a thin mattress like hospital bed. It was pushed up against a queen size bed, where my mother and sister slept. Most of the influence on my reading started here, since I did not read much before this time; I just listened to stories and went on adventures. My mother, sister, and I probably went through about two books a week over the course of that year.