If you’re thinking twice whether or not to buy a Mac for college, stop it. There’s no room for doubts!

Buy a Mac for college and prepare yourself for the battle ahead. Getting into college is like engaging into a war. You’ll never survive it without proper plans, strategies, and weapons. And during this challenge, the MacBook might be your most effective weapon that will bring you a high chance of survival!

Why Buy a MacBook for College?

The new MacBook has everything you need in a laptop computer. You get power, performance, and portability in one super device that you can bring along with you during classes, thus increasing your productivity in school.

The MacBook is designed to last even the most extensive use of both students and professionals. Create reports and documents, edit photos, watch movies, surf the internet, and even play the next generation of games, and you’ll be surprised that your MacBook can still accommodate so much more!

Considered as the Swiss army knife of notebook computers, you will never be caught ill-equipped with the new Apple MacBook.

Advanced Technology. The new MacBook is designed with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at a speed of up to 2.13GHz. It goes with a hard drive of up to 500GB SATA and a standard memory of 2GB DDR2.

Advanced graphics performance. Get surprised as the MacBook’s screen come to life with its advanced NVIDIA integrated graphics design. For a realistic three-dimensional environment and responsive game plays, the MacBook will be your best bet!

Powerful backlit display. You definitely won’t have a hard time using the new MacBook because it is designed with a 13-inch LED-backlit display that is more power efficient and arsenic- and mercury-free.

Where to Buy a Mac for College?

Buy a Mac for College at your favorite Apple store or authorized Apple retail store. Plus, take advatange of their Back-to-School promo that when you buy a Mac for college, you get lots of FREE stuffs like an Apple iPod Touch, Olympus camera, all-in-one printer, and lots more.

So, get yourself ready on the battle ahead. Visit an Apple store near you, and buy a Mac for College that will help you survive the next 4 or 5 years of your life!