Regardless of their length of study commitment, students from all walks of life need an environment that is conducive to learning, in order to excel in their academics. A conducive learning environment is somewhere favourable for education, and it varies from student to student. Some students may find a noisy fast food restaurant a great place to do their revision, while others may like to study in the bathroom. The most common place would be somewhere quiet, where students are give ample space and time to interact within the learning process.

Assessment and reference books, as well as practice papers are all indispensable study tools for high school students. However, they often neglect the importance of a good study environment. While it is the best to study alone in silence, some students may find it worthwhile to study in small groups, with certain music or food to boost their memory. In essence, places with the fewest distractions are the most ideal for revision.

The type of study environment that students seek should also be dependent on the type of subject that they are concentrating on. For instance, for Mathematics and Physics, where calculations usually apply, a place which permits discussion for difficult questions would be preferable. Even where Maths tuition and Physics tuition are conducted, there is frequent interaction between the tutor and students to foster better understanding of the formulae-based concepts.

For other research-based subjects such as General Paper, Economics, History, and Geography, a great place would be the reference section at the national library or school library. The number of reference books is simply aplenty and useful for broadening students’ knowledge.

Whether for Maths tuition, Physics tuition, or self-study for the various Arts subjects, the most important thing for students to note is to find a study environment that makes them feel comfortable. They may want somewhere that is not too hot or cold. If they are heading for freezing public libraries or tuition centers, they should be prepared by being properly attired and bringing warm drinks. The place should not make them feel unwell after studying.

Assistance should also be readily available and accessible when choosing a place to study. Besides personal help from friends and teachers, students could also look to other forms of technology, such as e-books and online resources. Most libraries and cafes provide wireless Internet services for students on the go.

Therefore, one of the factors to academic success for students is choosing the right environment that is most suitable and ideal for learning and revision. Students may want to discuss with their family and study peers to find the best place for them. All it takes is some patience and planning, so let’s take the initiative to study hard and smart!