E-Commerce offers the promise of conducting business on the Internet, via Web-enabled applications. This allows organizations to sell and deliver products and services to customers remotely via the Internet. However, there are security concerns, for both the organization’s assets as well as the customer’s personal information.


Please respond to all of the following prompts:


  • What problems does a company face when someone hacks into their data?
  • Identify the legal aspects of loss of customer personal information? (Search the Web)
  • Compare and contrast the advantages of tables and views.


You were asked to develop a database table in MySQL for a customer service tool. Based on the structure of the table in MySQL, create a form that would let customer service agent retrieve customer information from the database.

The form should have the ability to perform multiple searches. At a minimum, the form should allow search by customer name and by phone number. The option to search by either parameter should be available on the form, and a search should be possible regardless of which search option is chosen.

Design the PHP page that will take information from the user input on the web form and will submit it to the MySQL database, and will retrieve the customer information.

If no information is found in the database, the Web page should return an appropriate message indicating no records found.

Note: Be sure to enter in some fictitious customer information into the MySQL database table, so that you can test and demonstrate a working application.

  • PHP source code
  • Screenshot of the Web form
  • Screenshot of the working page accepting input from the user and successfully returning customer information from the database.