Critics have analyzed Shakespeare’s character, Katharina (the Shrew), for decades. On the surface, it may appear she is a bitter character who rebels against everyone and everything around her, until she meets Petruchio who essentially “tames” the bitter beast into submissiveness. While there are many theories as how Petruchio performs this feat, by the end of the play, he successfully changes Katharina from a “Shrew,” to a loving, obedient wife (as is evident from her final speech – also the longest in the entire play).

As we look at all of the possible interpretations of this play, considering the themes (Female submissiveness, gender roles, etc.), which do you agree with and why? By the end of the play is Katharina really broken and saddled, so to speak? Or, was Shakespeare merely being ironic throughout the entire play? Was Kate being sarcastic the entire time? Was her great speech at the end a farce? Why or why not?

Another critic argues the couple (Petruchio and Kate), are practicing role reversal and sadomasochism ([1]). Is Shakespeare objectifying women in this play? Is the play meant to be taken literal or at face value?

Give specific examples from the play and other sources in your discussion and cite using APA format wherever necessary.

should be at least 200-300 words in length.