Personal computers today are custom-made for various uses. One can buy media center PCs that are solely built to watch movies, rip music, edit movies, and the like. Gaming enthusiasts can also get desktop computers that will enhance game play and provide high-quality graphics so that every game can play itself to its fullest worth. The question here is: how do you get a good deal?

Completely assembled PCs are the most expensive. So the   cheapest  way to go about getting a desktop computer is to purchase individual computer components such as monitors, DVD/CD drives, motherboards, cabinets, and the like from various manufacturers. In doing so, you can get a fabulous desktop computer, assembled for your needs without straining your budget.

There are many manufacturers out there who  custom  make desktop computers for users. Examples of such manufacturers include IBM, Compaq, HP, Acer and the like. And if you want a fast mean machine, you can scout around and pick up amazing deals on ultra-fast graphics cards, sound cards and processors to build that dream desktop computer.

Also, hunting for individual computer components is easy, and you can assemble your own PC. While doing so, make sure everything you buy at least has a 2-3 year warranty period. An ideal desktop computer would have a 2.4 GHz – 3 GHz chip as its brain, a 17″ monitor, 256MB of RAM, a good motherboard and a standard keyboard and optical mouse.

Today, if you mix and match you will get the perfect fit – and if you want the perfect  custom-built  desktop computer, you have got to mix and match. It is also recommended that if you are going to invest in a  custom  desktop computer, invest in quality parts. Get good PC components, even if they are a tad more expensive, so that they don’t become obsolete by the time you get them home.