Dementia Bedding –Cocoon Bed for Dementia Sufferers from Health and Care


Currently one person in every 88 in the UK has Dementia. This is mainly because of the UK’s ageing population. However, conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, and lack of exercise are also thought to increase the risk. The demand for Alzheimer bedding and Alzheimer beds is now high due to the increase in sufferers across the UK.

Specialist dementia beds and dementia bedding are now available to help prevent sleep suffocation and sleep injuries to dementia sufferers. Lashing out or punching whilst asleep is a symptom of dementia and sufferers require a special bed that helps to limit serious injury. The Orthodocs Cocoon from Health and Care is a totally enclosed mattress and bumper system. It has been design and produced in direct response to the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and home carers who have experienced problems associated with bed entrapment and injury.

Dementia is on the increase and unfortunately so are the incidents involving patients suffering flailing limb injuries whilst sleeping. Sufferers of dementia who have hit out whilst asleep have hit bed rails and this has resulted in serious injury and death. From the care giving institutions point of view accidents of this nature have led to substantial negligence claims, taking scarce resource away from the frontline delivery of care. The Orthodocs Cocoon has been designed to be a single and affordable solution to reduce risk of entrapment, injuries and death.

The design of the Orthodocs Cocoon has been based on research of cases of bed entrapment. This work has been vindicated by a document published by the Medical Devices Agency, Report EL8, “Bed safety Equipment, an Evaluation that highlights the potential dangers associated with the use of bed rails and draws attention to the need for full risk assessment programme. Nursing staff who are familiar with the Orthodocs Cocoon have found that dementia patients who were given the Orthodocs Cocoon were found to have improved sleep patterns.

The Orthodocs Cocoon is a Class 1 Medical Device which is designed to help prevent bed rail entrapment and is available from Health and with the option of VAT relief. Health and Care also stock a range of Dementia care products including Bed and Chair Occupancy alarms, Water Overflow alarms and Anti-Wander alarms.