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* Source of text: 12 point Courier New

* Line spacing: 2 lines

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Reports Dissertation Writing Help:

Dissertation Guide should be in the succession of arrangements. Your guide to Dissertation and dissertation report must be in the required format. Unequal universities require different writing styles. It is very important to know the format argument to the contrary, his Dissertation is approved. In order to know the specific format requirements, refer to the rule of the university or consult your advisor.


Paper, Font size and style:

First, find out if the paper size A4 is supposed to be. You also need to prove its weight and whiteness. Along with this, confirm the font size and style.

The margins and page format:

Find out on top, bottom, left and right margins. Also check the head height, the separation of the head, footer, and the separation of the foot. Check if the spacing should be 1.5. Find print on one or both sides.

Page numbers:

Find out numbering on the page assuming that is centered or not and whether it should be in the header or footer.