A lot of parents are clamoring about their child playing too much video games. According to some studies, it is attributed this to the physical reaction of the brain due to the excitement produced by the video game. I’d say, it is just pure bull crap. Of course, there must be some sort of reaction in the brain in order for people to have the appropriate response to the stimuli presented to us which in this case are the video games. If there is no such brain activity when we play games then we might as well be brain dead. And if we consider the brain chemical released during the state of excitement when playing these games, then how come not point this out to all other source of amusement?

In my opinion, when we raise the question whether or not the child is playing too much video games then it is tantamount to questioning if whether or not the parent has been lax in getting the gaming habit of his child under control. A video game is merely an instrument for people to be amused. It is only up to the gamer or the people responsible to put it under control. We all know that too much of everything can kill. Hence, too much gaming is also bad. In the case of the kids playing too much games, it is the prerogative of the parents to keep their child’s gaming habit in check. No matter how exciting or addictive the game is, it is not something beyond the control of the parents.

Moreover, let me emphasize that the goodness or badness of the thing depends on how people make use of the thing. To elucidate my point lets take for example the knife. It is primarily used to cut food but if used improperly it can be a destructive tool that can be fatal. In relation to gaming, the video games are designed to amuse and merely help people to pass time. It must not be used to occupy an entire day of a person’s life. Therefore, the parents have the responsibility to step in and talk this out with their children what must and what must not be done.

Video games are part of a child’s toy. It is how they have fun nowadays. It is only up to the parents to guide them in their playing habit. I hope the studies which are unsupported by concrete evidence will not serve as a deterrent for the parent to buy video games for their children. There are a lot of cheap video games out there. Some of them are brand new and some of them are used video games. And if you really are concerned about the safety of your child then you should play the games with him too. At least he knows that you are there for him. Get him a video game for sale in several websites for a really cheap price. I am sure he will appreciate it very much.