I know the title of this article sounds funny. But I heard this phrase from my mentor who runs a multi-million dollar business.

Basically it means this: When we pay a good experienced business coach or mentor $100,000 to get their help to make $1,000,000 for our business we are buying money at a discount. When we pay someone who has the experience to take us where we would want to go it is really like buying their experience for a fraction of the price of the value we will receive.

I think it is a steal.

The term “buying money at a discount” can be used in various different situations. Such as “buying experience at a discount”, “buying peace at a discount” or “buying growth at a discount”. If you knew someone with the experience and expertise who has something to offer what you need, wouldn’t you pay whatever amount to get that? Because ultimately the results you get cannot be measured and you may not even be able to put a price tag to the value.

But why do people hesitate and become unsure about paying for such valued services? It is really a mindset issue.

Einstein said this, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The interesting thing is most people who are challenged are not willing to change the way they think and do things and so they think they do not need to change anything in order to get better results, as such they hesitate in asking for help as they do not see the value of paying for a service that they need.

This is common with people who really need counseling because they have messed up their lives but they refuse to pay someone to counsel them or coach them. They do not see the value and think they can sort it out themselves. Unfortunately they will not be able to by themselves.

I also experienced this with people who asked me for help with their personal or business challenges. And sometimes they like to dictate their terms. So I would candidly say, if you want to work with me, you have to work on my terms according to my thinking because it is the way you think and your mindset that got you in this fine mess in the first place! If they understood the value of what I said, they will go a long way on their path.

Most people however would stubbornly cling on to their old ways of thinking and so they remain in a rut indefinitely.

I think also part of the reason why people do not see the value in ‘buying money at a discount’ is because they do not value their own worth. They do not think they deserve to heal, transform or play bigger in life and so they do no see the value that others have to offer.

Buying someone else’s experience is one of the fastest way to grow, learn and develop. And with so many experts in various fields in our world today, the process of learning has become more exciting than ever for us.

Your Assignment This Week:

1. Look into your life and ask yourself what areas have you been stuck in for a long time? Is it money issues, relationship issues, business challenges, spiritual growth, health issues etc?

2. Ponder on this: Do you think you deserve to heal and get better? If so, how much money would you pay to heal? You may find that you really cannot put a dollar amount to this because the process of healing and transformation is far more important than the dollar amount.

3. Get help from someone who has the experience and expertise to help you. And do whatever it takes to get the money in order to pay for the services because you are worth it.

All the best to your healing and transformational process!