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The eSmoke Review:

Recently many smokers, like me, have found ways to have a crafty smoke anywhere they want without hurting themselves or the health of others. They’re called electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes).

While the e-cigarettes look like a traditional cigarette, they emit no smoke or smell and contain no tobacco or tar, just water or steam. The eSmoke Cigarette is one of the devices that is really simple to use. It tastes and feels like smoking a real cigarette. You suck on it like a regular cigarette, inhaling steam with your choice of nicotine and flavour, minus the harmful tar and carcinogens, blowing out produces a smoke like vapour, but its actually steam. It is this steam that gives you a little kick at the back of your throat as a normal cigarette does and what other quit smoking products can’t.

It’s a simple design with a re-chargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge that holds the flavoured nicotine with a vaporizer, this is what creates the steam. They claim you save 60% of your smoking cost by smoking these device, but I expect that would increase in the likes of the UK. You can safely smoke indoors anywhere, even at bars, the office and other tobacco forbidden places without a problem. Please remeber to use our “E Smoke Coupon Code“.

What does the Government Say?

At a time when the government is ostensibly trying to cut health costs, why is it trying to ban something that might help people quit smoking tobacco, perhaps the most devastating health problem in the U.S.?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a press conference late last month to scare Americans about the so-called “e-cigarette” claiming it was loaded with harmful “toxins” and “carcinogens.”

The agency was implicitly saying: Stay away from these newfangled, untested cigarette substitutes, better to stick with the real ones, the ones that we are more familiar with, the ones that cause over 450,000 deaths annually in the U.S.


e Smoke saves you money. Each cartridge will cost you around $2.95 and is comparable to a pack of cigarettes. With a pack of cigarettes today ranging between $5-$10 a pack.

eSmoke products contains only water, nicotine and propylene glycol (a common additive in cake mixes and food coloring). This e-cigarette gives you the complete nicotine satisfaction without taking toll on your heart and lungs.

Another great benefit to the “new e-cigarette” is less waste. No more cigarette butts to deal with and no more stinky ashtrays. If you just got a new car and don’t want to stain your car with the smell of tobacco but still enjoy smoking while driving this is for you. Think of all the possibilities that prevented you from smoking before that you don’t even have to worry about now.

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