We had our home built in 2004. During this period, my husband started talking about having a theater room. I’d appease his whimsical fancy and say, “Sure that sounds great.” never really believing we ever would. Really! He still has a super charger in the basement thats waiting to be put into the Camaro that’s sitting in the garage all covered up. (While my car sits out in the cold, I might add). OH, but that’s another story.

We’re just your average everyday couple, eking out a living in the daily grind. Building a theater room can cost A LOT of moolah! I thought things like that were only for the upper class.

My husband BELIEVED! In fact we have a placard that reads “BELIEVE” sitting in front to the screen in the theater room. I know, sounds corny, but it really can be done.

Between February and May of 2007, we built our theater room, and we did it for under $5,000.00. YEP! This is not a typo as you’ll see farther down in the article. We could have saved even more if we were savvy enough to hook it all up, but we outsourced that part of the project. All those wires freak me out! After getting familiar with the components and such, I believe now, we would not at have much trouble hooking it all up ourselves, but live and learn!

When we had the house built, we had one room in the basement built with no windows in anticipation of this ‘theater room’ — (“Yes, Dear. That’s nice Dear”).

When my husband starts researching, we research! We have oodles of websites bookmarked. We have lists for this and lists for that. We have drawings and renderings and price lists and budgets. We have this item compared to that item, compared to that item, and so on and so on and so on…..

We shop and compare prices. We always do our homework before shopping. Some of the initial decisions had to be rethought and changed or adjusted to fit, but in the end, it all worked great!