You must identify a main idea that will become your thesis statement (often answering the question with your reasons is the basis of a strong thesis). Then choose which effects of your topics you will


discuss based on which most strongly support your main idea. Finally, arrange your effects in a logical order. Each body paragraph should focus on one cause/effect and develop with details and examples. This essay should be atleast three pages and be structured as follows: (500 Words)


  • Introduction with thesis statement
  • Body Paragraph 1: First cause (or effect)
  • Body Paragraph 2: Second cause (or effect)
  • Body Paragraph 3: Third cause (or effect)
  • Conclusion


  • Use MLA format and professional, academic style. No slang or clichés; write only in

third person (do not use I, we, our, us, you, your, etc.).

  • You must use at least 2 (no more than 3) credible outside sources
  • Your points must be researched (i.e. not just your opinion with no research to support it)
  • Sources must be properly cited using MLA format both in-text and on works cited page.
  • Each body paragraph must have a topic sentence and be at least 9-11 sentences.