Energy is a big part of our lives, playing a role in so much of what we do and how we live. From running your home and driving to work, to operating a computer as part of your profession, energy is vital for day-to-day living.

Yet for many people, energy plays an even bigger role – that of a career. Countless people worldwide are professionally dedicated to energy services, development and distribution. Moreover, it’s an industry that’s growing dramatically, in a number of ways – thus requiring more people to join its forces. Could you see yourself as one of those people?

Many people don’t recognise just how vast the energy industry is, and subsequently might not realise the broad range of talents it requires. A large proportion of people, for example, might assume that the majority of posts within the industry are appointed to technical or engineering specialists. However, due to its sheer breadth, the energy industry requires a range of specialised talents and skills. Energy services span from professional services – including corporate, commercial, finance and marketing departments – to contact centres and customer administration. Sales and energy services teams are also required – the latter of which encompasses the vital sector of business development – while engineering and technical departments handle actual operations.

Another misconception regarding the industry is that one needs to have a great deal of experience in order to apply for a specific post. But just like most professions out there, the energy industry is open to all levels of applicants. In fact, there are often a vast number of graduate and apprentice jobs waiting to be filled at any given time – meaning even applicants with little or no experience can secure a competitive post within the energy industry. Like all jobs, employees receive appropriate training for their position. Furthermore, the industry offers immense opportunities to grow into new positions – so it’s an ideal realm of work for someone who’s looking for a career that will ‘take them somewhere.’

If you think a career in energy services might be right for you, it may prove a good idea to enquire about the options you have available. A number of resources can point you in the direction of a vast array of energy careers – so you can weigh up your options and apply for those jobs which you feel match your personal requirements. And if you take that first step towards a career in energy services, you might just find it’s one of the smartest steps you ever take.