As the case states, imagine you are responsible for deciding whether to engage in the recall.


Identify the ethical issues in this case.

Ethical Issue (2 points)




Identify the 4 main stakeholders and for each stakeholder identify their stake in this situation.

Stakeholder 1 (0.5 points):

Stake (0.5 points)


Stakeholder 2 (0.5 points):

Stake (0.5 points)

Stakeholder 3 (0.5 points)

Stake (0.5 points)


Stakeholder 4 (0.5 points):

Stake (0.5 points)









Teleological theories consider the end results of the decision and therefore will lead to greater good (either to the individual in Ethical Egoism or the greatest number in Utilitarianism).


Deontological theories are concerned with the means in which an outcome is achieved and distributed among the stakeholders. This helps prevent unethical actions in the achievement of an outcome