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Only skillful professionals know how to make it real. One crash – goodbye forever. You’re going to work on a highly competitive market where users can choose from dozens of alternatives (or at least several). Unexpected crashes won’t make your customers more patient – they’ll just delete your app for good without a hint of regret. This time, you don’t spend extra money – you just lose them. Low-cost technologies become obvious. The end user will eventually feel how your app looks like inside. The outdated stuffing of your product can make it too slow or work unsatisfactorily on the base of the latest OS versions. Customers will notice where you’ve decided to save some money, and your reputation on the market will be the first to suffer from it. And subsequently, negative reviews at the app stores. Not all users would like to spend time writing a review. But trust us, negative impressions encourage people to visit the app’s page one more time. In this case, your reputation will be lost – and this is a factor you can’t actually buy for money.