A nurse costume is an extremely popular piece of fantasy lingerie. Fantasy uniforms such as the nurse costume are a great way to bring excitement and creativity into your bedroom. Many women are unsure or nervous about introducing fantasy lingerie, however. Provided here are a few suggestions that can make you more comfortable with a nurse costume or other piece of fantasy lingerie.

Find Out What Your Partner Likes

Everyone’s fantasies are different. What one person likes, another may just find ridiculous. There are a couple of ways to find out your partner’s preferences. Of course, the most direct way is to simply ask. Initiate a dialogue about likes and dislikes, and note his answers.

However, the direct approach is not for everyone. Whether you are uncomfortable initiating the discussion, or simply planning a surprise, there are more subtle techniques for determining your partner’s preferences. Watch movies together and note his responses. Does he comment on business women on the street? Paying attention to his reactions to the world around him can help you choose the right fantasy lingerie.

Go to a Costume Party

Although many fantasy uniforms are too risqué for public display, you can pick up a sexy French maid outfit or nurse costume in a party store. These outfits are generally sexy but not extreme. Heading out to a costume party in a fantasy lingerie item is a great way to get past nerves and judge your partner’s reactions.

Go Slowly

If your man is a bit shy or reserved, he may be a bit unsure how to react to your new nurse costume. Take things slowly and see how it goes. Both of you should be comfortable with role-playing before it progresses.

Your Turn

Of course, fantasy lingerie should not be one sided. If you wear a nurse costume for him, it is reasonable to expect him to wear something for you next time. Think through your favorite fantasies, from men in uniform to pirates. Ask if he would mind joining in the role-play, and present him with a few alternatives.

Beyond the   Nurse  Costume

If you and your man find that you enjoy fantasizing role-playing, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Pirates, wizards and military themes are just a few of the more popular fantasy lingerie alternatives. You can find costumes at alternative gift stores, but if you are feeling a bit wilder, why not visit your favorite adult store together? You can gather inspiration and perhaps go home with some great new purchases.

A sexy French maid outfit or  nurse  costume is the perfect way to try out fantasy uniforms. Always go slowly and keep communication open with your partner. If you both enjoy the process, then you can enter into a whole new world of possibilities. Fantasy uniforms can bring creative energy into the bedroom and expand your horizons.