This exam has five parts. You may do two parts, three parts, four parts, or five parts. If you take the exam at all, you are committed to doing two parts. Each part is actually the same as the others (except for your answers). Each part will be graded the same way, from -1 point to +5 points (from a bad answer to a very good answer; 0 = not good enough for points, but not bad enough to lose a point). Maximum number of points available is +25, for providing excellent answers in all five parts; maximum number of points lost for providing bad answers [I trust none of you will do this, but still …] is -5.


In each part, you will use (strictly) 30-35 words to state clearly something (a idea, concept, procedure, process, etc.) that you learned in the course. The answer must be well-written and well-expressed; it must be specific and precise instead of vague, ambiguous, or equivocal; it must concentrate on course material; and you must make clear to me not only what the idea is but also why it is important. That may seem difficult to do within 30-35 words. But I’d like to see you take the challenge. I am not seeking any particular item. Use your intelligence, experience, imagination, and creativity to produce your own list. Good luck! And have fun!