Keiser University

Quick Facts

Keiser is actually a large conglomerate comprising of 14 campuses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The institution is quite new compared to other colleges, established in 1977 as a private, for-profit university. Keiser also offers the traditional classroom education but increases its repertoire by offering online courses.


Keiser offers four levels within their program beginning with Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, Graduate Degrees and certifications. The Associate level offers seven courses in Computers & Technology, Associate of Science Degree, Culinary Arts Associate of Science Degree, Business Associate of Arts Degree, Golf Management Associate of Science Degree, Nursing and Allied Health Associate of Science Degree. Bachelor Degrees are offered in a broad spectrum of majors including Business Administration, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Health Science, Nursing, and Public Safety. Graduate degrees can be achieved in Physician Assistant, Education, Philosophy in Educational Leadership, and Business Administration.


Tuition is dependent on the programs accepted and the number of units the student carries. For example, for the graduate program for physician assistant program has an annual cost of $25,000 per year, that is discounting associated fees, books and other miscellaneous equipment.


Florida is a busy place, with nightclubs, beaches, amusement parks, sports and various entertainment that promises loads of distractions. It is currently ranked as the fourth most populous state in the United States and is ranked eighth for population denseness. The main sources of transportation are highways, roadways and intercity rail. Many people choose to reside or leave Florida due to its tropical climate. Temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees accompanied by the prevalent humidity. Winters are moderate usually ranging between 40 and 50 degrees.


Students travel around the campus on bikes, fast electric scooters, skateboards, gas and electric motor scooters and of course walking. Students can live off campus and often ride their transportation of choice from their homes to classes. Purchasing such transportation is an expense, which means the listed modes of transportation make excellent gifts for guys and girls.