There are many considerations to take into mind when going on a first date with your date. The dress, the venue, make-up, perfume, and the huge butterflies in the stomach that same to scream, “Oh my gosh! Would he like me? Would I like him? What if…” So girl, calm down and read on for our first date tips.

Naturally, both you and your online partner/ date will have expectations of what the other will look like, how the other will dress, how the other will smell like, etc, etc.

If you’re having butterflies in the stomach, that’s fine because it’s perfectly natural. In fact, if you don’t feel even a sliver of anxiety, then it’s time to reconsider because there might not be enough emotions to constitute even an idea to meet in person.

So here are some first date tips to make your date a success:

1. Psyche yourself up. Remember that date your date likes you for who you are: your personality and your own self. There’s no use pretending to be someone else when your date comes because he is not expecting that person, he’s expecting you. Let’s be realistic here, he is not expecting a celebrity-wannabe look-alike, he is expecting you, the wonderful person he met online. So before you go on that date, psyche yourself up. Stand in front of the mirror and review about all the good things that you and he knows about yourself. Do yourself a favor, don’t worry too much. Too much worry will give you stress, which will affect the entire mood of your date later on.

2. Do not overdress. While you must “dress to impress”, finding the “perfect” outfit might just be a tad bit hard. But one thing that you want to do on your first personal encounter is to make a good impression, and one way to do that is to dress up well. But what do you wear?

Consider the venue of your date. Slacks and a nice blouse paired with closed shoes would be great for a lunch or coffee. But if you are going to a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, then you’d better dress up. This is the occasion for your little black dress. A nice dress, not too short but not too long either, is perfect. Avoid those dresses that show too much skin, but also avoid those that cover too much skin.

3. Do not wear too much make-up and perfume. More likely, your date would want to see how you look like in person. So do not ruin it by putting on too much foundation that he won’t know your original skin tone; or putting on too much mascara and eye shadow that your eyes go unnoticed; nor is it advisable to put on too much lipstick because you might look like the kid who got punched and is sporting a busted lip. Spray enough perfume to tease his senses. It is advisable that you spray a small amount on your pulse points: just below the ear and at the pulse points of your wrists.

4. Be on time. It’s good manners to be prompt for a date. I know that getting ready is tricky business, but do make sure that you are ready by the time he comes knocking on your door. There’s a certain limit to making a man wait, you know. And besides, punctuality is still a good trait to practice nowadays.