Five Cheap Marketing Ideas For Your Home Based Business


Home Based Business

Many people who start up a new home based business really don’t have the knowledge they need to market and promote their businesses successfully. However, without a strong marketing plan your business has little chance of achieving the success you are hoping for. Continue reading and I’ll share five great  cheap  marketing ideas you can use to start marketing your products or  services .

Internet Marketing Tactics

The web provides us with so many powerful and inexpensive marketing tools it’s easy to find what you’ll need to grow your business. Be sure to build time into your schedule for implementing and expanding on each of these promotional and marketing strategies.

5  Cheap  Marketing Ideas

Facebook – Start by creating a Facebook fan page for your business. You can promote your page to all your clients, friends and family. Consider purchasing some of Facebook’s reasonably prices advertising packages for your page. They provide some powerful and highly targeted marketing options.

Article Marketing – Article marketing is a free method of promoting your site by creating keyword rich, informative content and uploading the articles to your site, blog and article directories. Many business owners choose to outsource this task as it can be relatively time consuming.

Twitter – Marketing your brand through Twitter is the hottest thing going right now and it’s also free. Set up a Twitter account for your business and grow your friend’s list by searching for other users in your business niche. You can then tweet your newest articles, posts and business offers all while building great contacts.

Email Marketing – Perhaps one of the oldest methods of internet marketing, sending out regular email newsletters remains one of the most effective tools for reminding your clients of your presence, sending out special offers and updating everyone of changes as your business continues to grow.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social networking site tailored for professionals and small business owners. Setting up a free account can be a great way to get your name out there and begin to build working relationships and networking with others in your field.

 Cheap  Doesn’t Mean Free

While you may not have to invest any money to build on these  cheap  marketing ideas, you will need to invest a good deal of your time and effort. Dedicate time each day to building on one or more of these strategies and you’ll soon start to see the rewards.